JAN-PRO of Columbus is devoted to all of your Religious Facility cleaning needs.

We understand that each church, temple, hall, fellowship or synagogue has its own special, unique and reverent environment. JAN-PRO takes great care to ensure respectful and detailed cleaning services to your congregation’s place of worship.

Specialized Professionals: All JAN-PRO franchise owners have successfully completed our six-week intensive JAN-PRO brand standards certification program. We assign franchisees with specialized experience in cleaning religious facilities who can address your unique and customized requirements. We also provide flexible cleaning services to coordinate with the facility’s weekly scheduled events.

Greener & Smarter: Our hospital-strength disinfectants kill a broad spectrum of bacteria, even with low-volume usage. This is crucial in high-traffic, high touch areas that are common in places of worship. Plus they are good for the environment and the health of your congregation. Our quiet and efficient HEPA fileted backpack vacuums improve the air quality

Safe & Secure: Franchise owners are fully licensed insured and wear identifiable JAN-PRO uniforms and prominently display their ID badges.

Guaranteed Satisfaction: We are so sure you’re going to like our commercial cleaning services, we actually guarantee your satisfaction. JAN-PRO is the only commercial cleaning company with the confidence to offer this guarantee. If it’s not done right the first time, it’s on the house.